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The Foundation's devoted team of Trustees and volunteers plan events to raise money, but they also serve the vital function of generating community support for the Marlboro public schools. From larger fundraisers like the Restaurant and Wine Tastings, Mah Jong Evening and Family Bingo events to simple efforts like the annual Warm Winter Wishes campaign --where families can donate any amount to honor district teachers, staff and administration with a unique certificate of appreciation-- the Foundation has inspired local vendors, corporations and individual donors to celebrate Marlboro's excellence in education.

Lisa Naboulsi, Chair
Erinn Como, Vice Chair
Stacey Rothman, Secretary
Sarah Spiklen, Treasurer
Michael Baker
Lori Belasco
Briana Leschen
Alyson Marrone
Kelly McDermott
Beth Moore
Thea Pace
Jennifer Silacci
Barbara Spilken

Jaclyn Terebetski 

Alicia Thor
Robyn Wolfe
Deidre Yozzo
Dr Eric Hibbs, Ex Officio

A Man and a Woman working together

Everything we do is powered by individuals who volunteer their time and energy toward fundraisers to support grants requested by Marlboro's teachers supporting Marlboro's K-8 students.  If you're an energetic go-getter that wants to get involved, please send us an e-mail with your information, and we'll invite you to our next meet and greet.

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