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Since its inception in 2000, the Marlboro Educational Foundation has distributed funds totaling more than $600,000 for numerous grants requested by Marlboro Township teachers, providing them with a stream of unencumbered monies in support of their ideas on how to enrich the curriculum for their students.  We have funded grants benefiting all the schools in our district.  Each child can expect to be impacted by multiple grants in their time attending school in Marlboro.

2023-2024 Grants Awarded

The MEF approved 22 grants totaling $33,249.45!!!

Mini Grants:

  • Math and Science in the Garden (Mar El) $499.80

  • 3D Printing/Robotics (Dugan) $977.70

  • Unlocking Learning Adventures with Breakout EDU (Robertsville) $502.00

  • Mark it With a Stone (MMS) $500.00

  • Rubik's Cube for All Learners (Dugan) $360.00

Collaborative Grants:

  • Living Voices (Dugan) $925.00

  • GimKit Subscription (Dugan) $650.00

  • Public Safety Club (Mar El) $900.00

  • Pixton: Give Your Students Superpowers (Mar EL) $1,556.00

  • Quiver Farm Traveling Zoo (Dugan) $750.00

  • Mad Science: Forces of Flight (Dugan) $1,630.00

  • Mad Science: Marvels of Motion (Dugan) $1,520.00

  • Hearbuilder (Mar El) $1,794.00

  • Living in a Prehistoric Ocean (Mar El) $1,845.00


School-Wide Grants:

  • Generation Genius (Asher) $1,795.00

  • Little Free Library (Mar El) $909.38

  • BMX-Anti-Bullying Assembly (MMS) $2,495.00

  • Ultimate Human Board Game (MMS-6th Grade) $2,095.00

  • Ultimate Human Board Game (MMS-7th Grade) $2,095.00

  • Unique Game Show (MMS) $2,200.00

  • DDN School News Project (Defino) $2,930.57

District-Wide Grants:

  • Yamaha Harmony Director (Defino/Dugan) $4,320.00

Student Thank You Notes
(Chick Grant)


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